Included here are a few of anecdotes from unsolicited email messages that I have received. These are shared with permission from those who have sent the messages.

Hi Flora,

Just a note to let you know, I have set up my D2L shell for my course, including, clearing out previous information, setting up my profile, introduction, uploading syllabus and outline, the first 3 chapters within content and grade book

Please know, I can not imagine how I would have done this had I not attended your class.

Thank you so muchMay 1, 2019, following a day of workshops on setting up an online class, one of the participants

A quick thank you for walking me through D2L/Discussions today, Flora! With a huge class load, it’s great to know how well supported I am as an instructor.

Time well spent!

Regards,August 22, 2019, following a 3-day workshop for new instructors, one of the participants

Dear … and Flora,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful three days of IGNITE course!

Thank you for putting so much time, talent and effort into building the course and providing such great professional development opportunity to all of us.

It was wonderful to learn from you and to be able to share ideas and concerns with other faculty members.

I very much appreciate your hard work and looking forward to working with you!


Have a wonderful day,August 22, 2019, following a 3-day workshop for new instructors, one of the participants

Flora, Many thanks for the PD session yesterday on team work as it relates to assessments in the SH&W programs. Your 3 hour workshop was amazingly organized, you utilized the philosophy of UDL with finesse, and above all, it was informative, applicable and engaging. We came away with knowledge and enthusiasm of how to approach team work better in our programs. Again many thanks. Practical Nurse Coordinator School of Health and WellnessFebruary 22, 2019, following a workshop on Facilitating Success in Team Projects for the School of Health and Wellness, the sponsoring program coordinator
Hi Flora


Thank you so much for meeting with me today! I learned a lot during just one hour, and now I have designed a lesson in less than 10 minutes! You can convey information in a very concise way, and I’m very grateful for your help.


Looking forward to our next meeting on Friday!

 June 2, 2021, following a one-on-one consulting session with an instructor

1 – Thank you so much, Flora! I really appreciated the session today. You understand the complexity of what we do, and you gave both high-level and detail-oriented suggestions. It was very thoughtful and helpful. Much appreciated!!!

2 – That was really useful! It’s really rare for someone outside our department to come in and present to us things that really are useful and work well for us, and you nailed it! Thank you! ❤️

 May 4, 2021, following a workshop on Marking Efficiencies in Online Environment for ELL instructors