A Protocol for

Developmental Observation of Online Teaching


The DOOT Protocol is designed to guide educational developers conduct developmental observation of online teaching. It is based on the community Inquiry (CoI) theory and can be used for asynchronous courses facilitated on a learning management system (LMS).

This site provides guides and forms required for observation as well as research and theories that the Protocol is based on. Downloadable documents are licensed under Creative Commons. Please share your experiences of using the Protocol, feedback, and suggestions in the Community page.


The DOOT Protocol was designed through a design-based research (DBR) during my doctoral studies at Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary in 2019-2020. Online instructors from Chiu School of Business and Educational Developers from Teaching & Learning Enhancement at Bow Valley College participated in the DBR project. They provided input into feasibility, initial design, and iterative refinements to the Protocol. You can access the complete study report at:

This is the beginning of an ongoing story. The Protocol is expected to continue to evolve and be refined by its users to continue to meet the changing needs of educational developers and online educators.

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